Architecture / Residential

Estancia on the Brazos


Grand old oak trees on this ranch were the driving factors in designing this 14,000SF winter home located in East Texas. Designed along the edge of small plateau, the layout of the home was carefully placed among the mature trees as to not cause harm during construction. The result of which was a closely arranged group of spaces linked by glass hallways that keep an uninterrupted flow from one room to another. This arrangement also allows almost every room to have a commanding view of the pasture and river below.

With the owners’ passion for all things that come with time, reclaimed materials were used as much as possible throughout the interior to the home. Reclaimed French limestone floors, antique oak beam trusses, and 18th century doors were used with hand crafted items to give a timeless feel to the residence. The exterior home was modeled to resemble a South American Hacienda. Thick walls up to 20” deep were used inside and out to keep with the architecture of the home. A stone base was utilized on all the exterior basement walls to reflect the fact the basement floor was excavated into the plateau. At the first floor level, the stone the walls transitions into sage color stucco that blends them into the surrounding pastures and foliage. The multicolor terracotta tile roof brings some color and contrast to the overall scheme of the home. While large in scale the home presents itself quietly behind the native trees, and only partial views can be obtain at one single moment.

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