Interior Design

At FPC, we view Interior Design as an integral part of our projects—not as a second thought, but oftentimes a driver of the timeless and unique spaces we provide.

Full-Service Interior Design

At FPC, we offer full-service interior design for residential and commercial projects. Our team specializes in creating distinctive, timeless designs that bring spaces to life. We take a hands-on approach to design and carefully consider how people interact with each space. Our obsession with craft and construction ensures that our architecture and interior design have a lasting impact on the community.

Residential Design

Designing a space, especially a home, is a deeply personal experience. At FPC, we believe that the style of each home we help create should be driven by the unique site, architectural style, and the client’s vision. Instead of applying a specific look to all our projects, we specialize in tailoring dynamic, beautiful spaces that reflect our client’s personalities and desires.

Our strong attention to detail and discerning eye will bring to life the spaces you’ve always coveted. Our process involves listening carefully to our clients’ tastes, encouraging them to be open-minded and think outside the box. This results in a distinctive project true to each client. FPC works primarily on ground-up projects, where interior design is an integral part of the timeless and unique spaces we provide.

Commercial Design

Similar to our approach to residential design, we believe in shaping the user experience and improving the quality of people’s lives through fostering engagement and experience. Our talented team of designers provides full-service interior renovations, space planning, programming, finishes selection, furniture, fixtures & equipment (FF&E), and wayfinding services to public and private clients of all sizes.

Over the decades, our award-winning designs have included space planning and test fits, architectural materials selection, custom mill work and casework, lighting design, fabric and paint selections, custom tile and stone detailing, custom furniture design, wayfinding and signage design, art selection and curation, inventory assessment, construction documentation, specifications, details, and renderings, and FF&E.