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Comfort Dairy Barn


Built in the 1930s along the banks of the Guadalupe River, this former dairy barn is now a bright and inviting Hill Country escape. Converting a run-down barn into guest lodgings required substantial updates, however, staying true to the simplicity of the past is a driving design feature.

The renovation retains the structure of the barn which relied on a narrow footprint to capture daylight on three sides in lieu of electric lighting. Fitting the original openings with new insulated windows and doors maximizes illumination, transforming the interiors throughout the day through the play of natural light. Each opening frames a landscape scene creating a 360° view of the Hill Country. New glazing includes custom gable end windows which replaced wood siding and now provide a glimpse of the clouds and stars.

Complementary to the gable end windows is the refurbished wood ceiling. The redesign highlights the original decking and roughhewn rafters by sistering them between new fir 2x4s. These wood elements contrast the cool whitewash of the refreshed historic plaster, also carried out to the exterior. Other historic traces remain such as the feeding trough, now converted into bench seating. However, the renovation includes many updates as well. A dual toned herringbone Endicott brick floor replaces the slab floor formerly sloped for drainage. The renovation provides new amenities like a kitchen, outfitted with a farmhouse sink, under counter refrigerator, propane stove, and custom millwork shelving. Additionally, the design features a bathroom with white ceramic tiles, brick floors, and a glass shower with views of the surrounding landscape.

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