Planning. It’s been in our name for over five decades, and it’s in our blood on every project. Our approach to planning is finding out how our projects are part of a larger system—physically, ecologically, and culturally. We believe that this is what turns “spaces” into “places”.

Over the years, FPC has been involved in master planning efforts for some of Texas’ most iconic sites. Our expertise ranges from completely new college and University campuses to parks, waterfronts, museum complexes and expansions, visitor centers, corporate headquarters, government facilities, private secondary schools, church campuses, and historic complexes.

Throughout those projects, we have found that the basic tenants of master planning are similar depending on the needs of the project. We understand that master planning is a fluid process and the deliverable is a living document— needing to be revisited over the years as needs change and new variables are introduced. FPC is committed to working with our clients as we help them to plan for their future buildings, landscaping, infrastructure, and programmed growth needs through the Master Planning process.