Architect led design-build: A seamless approach to home construction

Architecture-Led Build

FPC offers design-build services, a project delivery method where a single firm handles your project from start to finish. Unlike traditional project delivery methods where homeowners hire an architect and construction manager separately, we have professional architects, interior designers, and experienced general contractors on staff, all under one roof and involved in the project from the beginning.

The Efficiency of Design-Build

With design-build, you’ll have one point of contact and a consistent project team working on both design and construction, from the start through completion. This allows for fluid and responsive feedback between construction methods and design. Priorities between design, cost, and schedule are clear, and creativity is balanced with responsibility.

Design-build offers many efficiencies. Since you’re working with one partner, there are no delays associated with putting the project out to bid, waiting for responses, selecting a contractor, and then allowing the contractor time to ramp up to begin the job. This methodology takes away the middleman, allowing labor, materials, and other costs to be calculated at once, taking all aspects of the build into consideration. Throughout the process, it’s easier and faster to make changes to adapt to the owner’s budget, even during construction.

Clear Communication and Accountability

Another benefit of design-build is a single source of accountability and communication. The architects and builders are on the same team, so instead of ambiguous answers and blame games, you get clear communication and collaborative problem-solving.

Delivering High Quality Results

Overall, design-build provides a seamless process, resulting in time and cost savings for homeowners, with a clear line of communication and accountability. FPC is committed to delivering high-quality design-build services to meet our clients’ needs.