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City of San Antonio Public Safety Headquarters


Ford Powell & Carson served as the part of the executive architectural design team for San Antonio’s public safety headquarters. The Public Safety administration building consolidated the administrative functions of the city’s police and fire departments.

The project was Awarded LEED Silver and includes high-efficiency HVAC, daylighting, sunshades and condensate collection from mechanical systems which will be recycled for irrigation. The administration building is clad in locally produced materials, including limestone and brick which also appear on the base of the garage.

City of San Antonio Public Safety Headquarters was awarded LEED Silver rating

A central light court supplements perimeter day-lighting and acts as a unifying circulation space bringing literal openness to the functions of the police department. The project also includes a fueling and wash station for city vehicles located on another site. The parking garage contains priority parking for hybrid and fuel efficient vehicles, as well as charging stations for electric cars and trucks.

Special security features include bullet resistive glazing and blast resistive construction as well as site features such as bollards intended to protect the building from trucks and automobiles. A fenced and gated service yard protects official vehicle parking and the building’s perimeter walls and site are monitored by cameras 24 hours per day. Public access to the building is controlled through screening devices and personnel at the entry lobby.

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